About us

VIFESA, Spanish firm founded in 1970 dedicating all its attention from the beginning to the machinery of the concrete precast industry, specially to the sewage concrete piping, and over the years become one of the leaders in this field.

The first hard working years served to consolidate the idea of getting a name in that market and with a vocation clearly open to all the countries, from the very first moment Vifesa started to set up its machines worldwide. Presently with more than a thousand of plants spread across five continents, Vifesa is a leader and a reference in this field.

Once taken the step to consolidate at enterprise level our company and with a technical staff highly qualified, young and entrepreneur, we diversified our actuation into three main areas.

  • Machinery for the production of concrete pipes and reinforced and non reinforced culverts with a range practically unlimited which covers all the needs required in the market, highly productive.
  • Machinery for the production of steel cages electro welded for the reinforcement of the concrete pipes. Later we have incorporated machines for the automatic production of round and square piles.
  • Egg laying machines for the production of any kind of concrete pieces. This range covers infinity of pieces from concrete pieces very small up to pieces as big as 6,00x4,00x2,00 m. All in a highly productive level and beneficial for the customer.

As a finale to our level of production we also have machines for testing building materials like loading machines for pipes, curb stones, beams and slabs. We have also cleaning base rings machines and all kind of moulds for precast concrete.

Vifesa, every year continues designing and creating new models of machinery and the continuous research and development of our team allows us to remain at a high level and we continue offering to our customers the traditions and seriousness of our commitments and our product with the best technology, working hand in hand with our suppliers incorporating in our machines elements of the highest quality and prestige.

Our technicians are always available to our customers to explore and provide solutions, approach facilities, research products, turnkey plants and staff training, all based on our keys: