The machines of the series K-1250 offer a large possibility of multiple fabrication, those series according to the model of the machine allow us to manufacture one, two and up to 5 pipes per working cycle. With an fully automatic working cycle, only one operator required and its large out put, that series of machine is the reference regarding the low cost production in view to compete in the market of small diameter pipes. We can produce pipes from 15 up to 150 cm inner diameter by 1,25 m length. We can incorporate a system for a fast change of moulds, which allows starting a different production within the same working day.


  • Multiple machine
  • Automatic cycle
  • Maximum diameter 150 cm
  • Maximum length 1.25m
  • Inner vibration
  • Cylindrical pipes
  • Socket pipes
  • Diversity of concrete pieces
  • Large out put

Its range of production is:

  • Straight pipes
  • Socket pipes
  • Pipes with rubber seal joint
  • Ovoid pipes
  • For drainage
  • Raisers for manholes
  • Register cones
  • Pieces CAZ
  • Conical manholes