The series K - 2500 offer hydraulic-electric semi automatic machines, for the production of concrete pipes with the vibro-compressing system for reinforced and non reinforced pipes, square and rectangular box culverts, jacking pipes and special pieces with large sizes.

Those machines can produce pipes with and without socket, with mortar joint, with rubber seal joint, with plane base, ovoid pipes, box culverts, raisers for manholes, register cones, manholes etc. up to 3 m diameter by 2,5 m length for pipes and 5,00 x 3,00 m for box culverts.

One central vibrator with big power with adjustable frequency and centrifugal force, a uniform concrete feeding, a pressing device, a transport of the pipe from the machine to the curing area with the outer mould, all those factors make sure we get a high quality product with a very good finishing.

With the program installed in the PLC and electronic elements, we can feed the concrete box culverts and irregular pieces automatically. With those installations we cover all the needs the clients would face up, with a very easy handling of the machine which product will fit with any local and international standard. Machines with single or double working station to increase the capacity of production.


  • Semi automatic cycle
  • Concrete automatic feeding for box culverts and pipes.
  • Box culverts up to 5 x 3.00 m
  • Maximum length 2.5 m
  • Maximum diameter of the pipes 3 m
  • Production of box culverts and pipes
  • Production of jacking pipes
  • Special pieces with large sizes