VIFESA with those modular machines presents a new advanced technology in the field of precast box culverts, combining in one stationary installation the possibility of production with fresh mould releasing multiple combination of sizes of box culverts with modular panels, with the system of vibration and compression, getting with this a very high output and a low cost moulds inverstment.

This system has got also the possibility unique in the market to manufacture any kind of concrete pipes. This installation is semi automatic, hydraulic – electric, for the production of concrete box culverts with the system of modular moulds with vibrated and compressed concrete.

Production of concrete box culverts:

  • From 1.00 x 1.00 m. up to 6.00 x 3.00 m. inner sizes.
  • Length 2.00 m or less.

Machine with a SINGLE STATION or with DOUBLE STATION with the corresponding increase of the output.

To those machines we have incorporated a pressing arm moving longitudinally on rails through hydraulic motors, this movement can be automatic or manual, run from the panel of control. It has got some supports for the tamper-heads to make the male female end part of the concrete box culverts.

Outer vibrators with high frequency, fast fixing with possibility of increasing or reducing according to the box culvert we want to produce.