The machine KMV in its various models is a new philosophy in the production of concrete pieces. The production system (turning – laying system), proposes a number of advantages such as speed, versatility of concrete pieces and number of those pieces. The production of those pieces is based on filling the moulds placed on the table holding moulds which once full up of concrete, vibrated and compacted rises, turns and goes down for mould releasing. Every mould has got its own vibration, but in certain cases, some moulds share the same vibration according to the design of the mould. The production system according to the model of the machine will be semi automatic or fully automatic. For the handling only one operator is required. The working cycle is very fast, we can manufacture several pieces in one go and the working cycle is very short. The machine moves back and forth so we can produce concrete pieces in a continuous way outdoors or indoors buildings.

Another great feature of that series of machines is the possibility to produce different shape pieces in the same working cycle. Moreover, this machine is designed and built according to the specifications submitted by the client. The machines are adapted to the needs of each client. Those machines can manufacture a very large range of concrete pieces.

The ability to produce larger size pieces or higher number of pieces per working cycle is achieved with the series 2000-3000 and 6000, due to their larger design. The production of box culverts in continue fresh mould releasing is another possibility to increase the performance of any other machine.


  • Turning egg laying machine
  • Multiple production
  • Diversitiy of concrete pieces

The newest model of that range is the MULTIPREN in different versions. This machine is a new concept of egg laying machines and it is specially designed for the production of manhole base units, manhole raisers, register cones and any kind of conical pieces shape. That machine has got the possibility to work as a egg laying machine and also stationery, we can also have a pit in view to work as a pipe machine.

All the machines have got the option to have a tamper head to get pieces with male female ends and a perfect finishing. When the machine is stationery we move the pieces from the machine to the curing area with steel plates and a trolley for the transport.



Power installed 34kW52kW
Vibrators high frequency 46
Vibration power78,4kN127kN
Working tension 380V 380V
Hopper high3600mm3100mm
Hopper capacity 1.5 m³2 m³
Measures of machine4700x2800x3700 4700x4600x3700
Maximum dimensions pieces1800x1700x1200 3000x1700x1200
Maximum weight of pieces2500 kg5000 kg
Working cycle (*)2-10 MIN 2-10 MIN

Power installed17kW21kW26kW
Vibrators high frequency223
Vibration power39,2kN39,2kN58,8kN
Working tension380V380V380V
Hopper high2500mm2500mm2500mm
Hopper capacity 0,60 m³ 0,70 m³ 1 m³
Measures of machine 4020x2250x2725 4490x2445x3800 4500x2800x3800
Maximum dimensions pieces 1200x1000x1000 1400x1400x1000 1800x1200x1000
Maximum weight of pieces 1000 kg 1200 kg 1600 kg
Working cycle (*)1-5 min1-5 min1,5-10 min

Power installed 64kW 72kW 50kW
Vibrators high frequency 4+4 4+4 4+4
Vibration power 208kN 208kN 208kN
Working tension 380V 380V 380V
Hopper high 5000mm 4500mm  
Hopper capacity 1.7 m³ 3 m³  
Measures of machine 5600x4100x4800 5700x4400x4800 8400x4400x5780
Maximum dimensions pieces 2100x2100x2100 3000x3000x2000 6000x3000x2000
Maximum weight of pieces 6000 kg 8500 kg 15000 kg
Working cycle (*) According to pieces According to pieces According to pieces

Power installed 34kW 34kW 52kW
Vibrators high frequency 4 4 6
Vibration power 74,8kN 74,8kN 127kN
Working tension 380V 380V 380V
Hopper high 3600mm 4200mm 3500mm
Hopper capacity 1.3 m³ 2 m³ 2,2 m³
Measures of machine 5400x2900x4500 5700x3200x4800 5700x4600x3700
Maximum dimensions pieces 1500X1500X1200 1800x17000x1200 3000x1700x1200
Maximum weight of pieces 2300 kg 2500 kg 5000 kg
Working cycle (*) According to pieces According to pieces According to pieces