Vifesa with the machines of the series KTA, offer a model of machine very versatile with a high capacity of production and an exceptional quality of reinforced pipes. With high technological innovations and incorporated key developments in manufacturing:

  • Rotary platform with double outer mould. While the machine is making the pipe, with the second outer mould we carry the pipe already manufactured to the curing area.
  • Manufacturing system with ascending inner mould with inner vibration and compaction rollers for the manufacturing of pipes.
  • Tamperhead incorporated to the mould, which benefits, the finishing of the pipe, the no compression of the steel reinforcement; this system makes sure you get exactly the same length for every single pipe.
  • Smoothing system for inner part of the pipes giving a very good finishing.

The entire above mentioned make surely that machine the best machine in the market, regarding resistance and finishing of the pipe, with production cost much lower than any other system. Production of straight pipes, with socket and with rubber seal joint. Diameters from 30 to 180 cm inner diameter and length up to 2,50 m.

  • Production cycle fully automatic.
  • Manufacturing with inner ascending mould.
  • Inner vibration with adjustable power and frequency.
  • Rotary platform for manufacturing.
  • Rotary head on the inner mould with steel rollers for a better compaction of the concrete.
  • Tamper head incorporated to the outer mould.
  • PLC for many functions.
  • Changes in production and error diagnosis.
  • Fast change of the moulds to start a new production within the same shift.
  • Length of the pipes 2 m and 2.50 m
  • Models of multiple machines with traditional system, up to 3 pipes per working cycle.
  • Smoothing of the inner side of the pipe

  • Multiple rotary machine
  • Inner vibration
  • Inner compaction rollers for pipes
  • Diameters up to  180 cm
  • Reinforced pipes
  • Length up to 2.50 m
  • Straight pipes and socket pipes